My name is Michelle "Crowskin" Bond.

I am a Canadian Artist that creates original fantasy artwork and whimsical creations. You may have bumped into me at many local festivals and events that I've participated in over the years. 


I established Eyes of a Crow in 2005, and I had no idea this journey would take me to as many amazing places as it has since then.


This isn't just a business for me.

It's a way of life. 


To inquire about my artwork, products, or to simply ask questions, please send me an email , or find me on Facebook.. 

About the Artist...

Witchy House Ball
Unique witch house Yule Ball, with mushrooms and small white kitty. These one of a kind sculptures go for $30 each.
Faerie Godmother Ball
The Faerie Godmother version of the Witch House Ball includes a little Faerie Godmother with a lantern. These are $30 each.
Crow Apothicary
Inspired by the awesome movie "Little Shop of Horrors" these original plant sculptures are devilishly one of a kind.
These little baby Niffler Ornaments will steal your heart! (and possibly your loose change..) $6 each
Farie Houses
Trinket Keepers, Houses that flicker with battery operated tealights, and cute lil decorative pieces!
Love Bugs
Six legged jingle bell bugs! One of a kind, weird and wonderful love bugs!
Dragon Sculptures
Each original sculpture is unique and one of a kind. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes ornate, but always with their own personalities.
Jingle Bell Ornaments
Handmade animal ornaments for your Yule Tree, or just to hang around for the fun of it. These are $7.50 each, or 3 for $20.
More Farie Houses
More weird and wonderful examples, including another of my Wizard houses.
Faerie Cottages
Unique one of a kind houses with little locking doors.
Greeting Cards
Animal totem greeting cards - each card has a description of the totem animal meaning on the back.
Greeting Cards
The second set of Animal Totem Greeting cards.
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Products and Samples...

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