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Doctor Who: The Mad God

[Fanfiction] [Science Fiction] [Doctor Who][Posted in Chapters]

The Doctor finds himself drawn into a mystery on the prison planet of Ghal'Ex.

The completed story has now been published to view on WattPad.  Click the button below to read it in full.

Bounty of Tea

[Original Content] [Science Fiction] [Complete]

Two strangers converse over a cup of tea...

Avalon Dreaming

[Original Content] [Science Fiction] [Complete]

A science fiction saga taking place far into humanities history.

The Arcanis is a state of the art ship created to send a crew of well trained children to a habitable planet in order to anchor some sort of salvation for a dying Earth. The children chosen as an act of desperation. Their youth a risky sacrifice so that they could survive the hardships of stasis. However even during desperate times plans can still go askew. This is the saga of what happened to the Arcanis and it's crew...

This full length piece is published on WattPad. 

Dusk Creek

[Original Content] [Horror / Urban Fantasy] [Posted in Chapters]

A dark horror tale of a strange place named Dusk Creek... 

Rated Mature for violence and language. 


[Original Content] [Sci-Fi] [Posted in Chapters][Complete]

A story that examines what it means to be alive, seek a family, and survive.. 

Rated Mature for violence and language. 

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